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Bishop’s Castle Primary School

We believe that first and foremost our task is to equip every child with the skills they will need as the basis for a successful educational

career and throughout their lives. We also believe, just as strongly, that this is best accomplished in an environment which understands

the nature of childhood and which places great value on the Arts, on sport, on learning about and enjoying the world around us, and on

building a community where the contribution of each individual is valued. 


We aim:

 * To provide a stimulating, safe and caring environment, in which to foster all aspects of children’s development.

 * To offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which awakens curiosity, promotes high standards in all areas, and which gives each child the best possible opportunity to discover and develop their interests and abilities, and to fulfil their potential.

 * To promote challenge and to develop resilience and persistence through high expectations of learning and progress.

 * To encourage good behaviour and attitudes, and to increase children’s awareness of the need to develop personal responsibility and make a positive contribution to their community.

 * To learn to work effectively together and to play harmoniously and with tolerance.

 * To foster an understanding of the fundamental values which underpin British   society.

 * To build effective partnerships between school, home and the wider community, in order to support the children’s learning and well-